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Midas Capital focus on globalization, consumption upgrade, wisdom industry internet and relevant fields, Creating investment and M&A opportunity, Dedicated to provide long term & effective & valuable business growth drivers to clients through PE and VC investments/ strategic investment/industrial resource integration and capital management.

Local team has in-depth understanding of China, with Deep connections with MNCs, local enterprises, and unique industrial resources, with years of experience in investment, IB, and MV management. LP are comprised of leading enterprises from related industries.



•  Seeks, invests, rebuilds and promotes firm value, support Chinese economic transition and upgrading.

•  Dedicated to be the most focused and value adding investment firm.

•  Specializes in consumer services and Mobile Internet.

•  Builds an investment team with first -rated professionalism.

•  The ability of industrial integration and diversified capital management.


Core Strategy

Brand new capital management model, Investment, Consultancy, Investment Banking.